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Is a CCT project right for your organization? To best leverage CCT volunteer efforts, a non-profit organization needs to reach an appropriate stage of development and size.  We look for the following qualities in an organization and in its ability to support a project.

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​To ensure the success of the consulting engagement, CCT looks for organizational stability, demonstrated need, and readiness for a project. Your organization should have: 

  • 501(c)3 status as a non-profit organization

  • Compelling mission

  • Full-time, paid Executive Director, and a minimum of three full-time paid staff

  • Established Board of Directors

  • Annual budget around $500,000 to $5 million

  • Location in the greater Boston area

  • Constituents in the following sectors: youth, healthcare, social action & advocacy, education, human services, environment/energy, or the arts

  • No religious or political affiliation


"CCT was thorough and gave us excellent recommendations. As a result, we are a more stable organization now; we have more funding and have increased our programming."

— Stockton Reece, Executive Director, Community Boat Building

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Potential projects should:

  • Address a high priority, strategic challenge

  • Have well-defined goals that are achievable by a volunteer team of 6-8 consultants working 3-5 hours per week from January to May

  • Have the sponsorship of the organization’s leadership, both Executive Director and Board Chairperson

Common project types from successful past applicants include:

  • Business plan feasibility analysis

  • Marketing strategies

  • Membership strategies

  • Operational effectiveness

  • Organization design and resource usage

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