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Applications are now closed for our pro bono strategic consulting services for the 2023-2024 project cycle. We will be glad to contact you when the next application cycle opens.

Getting Started

Interested in applying for a free consulting project valued at approximately $100,000? Check out our latest Client Brochure and the resources below.

See if a CCT project is right for your organization.

Learn what makes a successful project and how to apply.

Start or resume your application.

See some of the non-profits we've served in the past.


Whether at a stage of re-focusing or new growth, nonprofits often face challenging business issues. By working with a CCT project team matched to your needs, non-profits can increase their capacity to address the causes they serve and improve sustainability. CCT hand-selects teams of experienced professionals with functional expertise based on your project requirements.


Our clients benefit from:

  • Bringing a new set of skills, experiences and credentials into the organization

  • Ensuring objectivity in surveying key stakeholders and assessing competition

  • Building credibility internally and externally for implementing new business strategies, improving organizational structure and increasing capabilities

Hear about the impact directly from our clients. In this short video, listen to a former client share his experience with CCT.

"CCT's work will help save lives in Massachusetts.

Our CCT team's commitment and their dedication surpassed expectations. The depth and caring by the team showed in their exceptional work and we greatly appreciate it."

— Steve Mongeau, former Executive Director of Samaritans


"We continue to refer to the CCT report almost daily. 


Every recommendation CCT gave us continues to be implementable. The research that was done positions us favorably before funders and communities alike."

— Melissa Graham, Managing Director of Boston City Singers


Applications for the 2023-2024 project cycle are now closed. We will be glad to contact you when the next application cycle opens.

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