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Community Consulting Teams is unique in that it is completely staffed by volunteers. However, we do rely on the generous support of our donors and sponsors to cover the costs for our web presence, outreach activities, supplies and conferencing abilities, annual project events, and the legal and administrative costs involved in maintaining our nonprofit status. Please consider a financial donation to CCT to help run this most worthwhile organization.

To make a donation or to become a sponsor, please contact us at, or give online using the “Donate” button for PayPal or credit/debit cards.

Other Ways to Give


If you would prefer to send a check, please write it out Community Consulting Teams, Inc. and mail it to:

Community Consulting Teams, Inc.
422 Jerusalem Road
Cohasset, MA 02025

DAF Account

If you have a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) account, you can make a donation here.

Gift of Stocks or Securities

In order to transfer stocks or securities, please provide your financial advisor or broker with the following information and email to let us know about the transfer. When the transfer occurs we will send out a letter of confirmation including the amount credited. 

Merrill Lynch - DTC#: 8862
101 Derby Street, Hingham, MA  02043
Phone: (800) 759-3588 or local (781)-741-2546
Contacts: Kathleen Langrill or Greg Simmons
Community Consulting Teams, Inc.
Account #: 820-02057 

How Does All-Volunteer CCT Make It Happen?

An interview with board member Carol Krauss…

Q.  CCT takes great pride in being an all-volunteer organization and in the recent years it has been noted for “stepping up its game” by having events at the Microsoft NERD Center and District Hall in the Seaport, in addition to great press.  How does CCT do it? 

A.  Board members are responsible for all the hard work of recruiting volunteers, screening clients, matching volunteers onto projects, and so much more, much of which happens in the fall.  Of course, this also includes year-round attention to communications, planning, support of the teams, and TLC of all of our volunteers.

Q. Clearly there are significant expenses.  How does CCT pay for all that?

A. Years ago we were run by a small board who all pitched to pay for events such as the Kick-off, plus we did fewer projects back then.  About four years ago, we needed to make a serious investment in our website.  It was then that we realized we needed to be realistic about our expenses and fund-raising.  We now do an Annual Appeal drive each year asking volunteers to contribute financially, in addition to all their gifts of time and expertise.  It is hard to ask our volunteers who do so much already to give financially also, but the majority are very willing to support an organization in which they are deeply involved.

Q.  How has the Annual Appeal been received?

A.  It has been a gradual process, but more and more volunteers are seeing the investments and benefiting from our expenses so they understand the need to support our mission.  Last year, one of our goals was to have more than 50% of our active volunteers donate to CCT, and we achieved 55%.  We would love the see that percentage rise this year!

Q.  What does the money get spent on?

A.  Our budget is approximately $20K each year and it is split almost 50/50 between project costs, such as recruiting, events, and support, and overhead which includes our website, our CRM, software, printing, postage, and legal costs.  For the last two years, we’ve made a conscious effort to invest in our CRM which is a Salesforce platform.  As an all-volunteer organization with people rotating in and out of various roles, we felt a responsibility to give them tools to make management as easy as possible.  Our volunteer history is now on Salesforce, and this year the client history will be added. 

Q.  What are your future goals for development at CCT?

A.  We would like to broaden our base of donors to include even more active volunteers and more people who might be “taking a break”, more corporate support either through matching grants or direct grants, and we’d like to talk to foundations that support capacity building organizations such as ours.  When we compare ourselves to other capacity building nonprofits, because we are all-volunteer and have no salary costs, we have the greatest leverage of any comparable organization in Boston.  We spend $20K per year and we generate projects valued, very conservatively, at more than $1million.  Do the math!  No one else comes close.  A gift to CCT of $100 translates theoretically into $5000 worth of consultants’ expertise and a gift of $1000 pays for the direct costs of one team that will generate a project valued for in-kind services of more than $100,000.  For those people who are concerned about the impact of their philanthropy, CCT has probably the greatest impact in the region.