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Meet Volunteer Co-Chair Chris Patel

Chris Patel, Volunteer Relations

While we will dearly miss Jessica Morris and her decisive pragmatism as the Volunteer Relations Co-Chair, we are excited to welcome Chris Patel to the Board. Having served as a Project Manager and currently serving on the EDIB Committee, he's been able to see the volunteer role from many angles! Outside of CCT, his volunteer experience includes serving as a business mentor with SCORE and as a mentor and instructor with eForAll's accelerator program.

Chris' professional career includes software engineering, product management and partnership work at large tech companies and venture-funded startups. He is now working in higher education, designing the next generation of learning, with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Fun fact: Chris started training to be a commercial airline pilot early in his career but was deemed too tall for cockpit duties. He is still bummed about that after all these years...


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