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Summer 2022 Letter from the Co-Chairs

Dear CCT Friends, We have much to tell: a new CCT values statement, a new Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee, a new Strategy taskforce, a new website, and new CCT jobs postings! We recently completed eight projects and hosted our first celebratory in-person Wrap Up event in years. Our values form the basis for our mission and vision, as well as how we treat each other and our clients. We hope they resonate with you and are consistent with how you think of CCT.

  • Collaboration: We foster teamwork and connections with and among volunteers and clients. We learn from these interactions and share the insights we gain openly.

  • Diversity: We respect the uniqueness of people, cultures, perspectives, and talents. We embrace the richness inherent in our differences.

  • Excellence: We leverage our collective expertise to deliver high quality, practical and timely recommendations to clients. We continuously improve our services based on feedback from our clients and volunteers.

  • Integrity: We are honest and ethical in all our decisions and in how we deal with others. We are dependable, loyal, trustworthy partners of our clients and volunteers.

  • Service: We dedicate our efforts to:

    • creating a positive impact on local communities through our service to our clients

    • ensuring our volunteers have meaningful and rewarding experiences

Our EDIB Committee, formed earlier this year, spent its first several months codifying its charter and gearing up for the hard and necessary work of identifying ways to make CCT a more equitable, inclusive, and welcoming community. Since then, the Committee has been quick out of the blocks:

  • identifying outreach to Black and Latino students at business schools;

  • creating an equity assessment survey (look out for that soon!); and

  • working with our Project Management and Client Development leads on selection bias.

The EDIB Committee has had a close working relationship with each discipline of the Board - we want everyone in the CCT family to know that they belong. In that vein, we've rolled out a new page on the website detailing our commitment to EDIB. Our Strategy taskforce has taken on “CCT as a client” and conducted a landscape and SWOT analysis to help us determine our top strategic priorities. Some of you may recall that we have been our own client twice before—but things have really changed since our last strategic plan in 2012. We have a new website! As you know, websites go out of style and ours had a very long run. See our shiny new look here. Thank you, Katherine Fawcett.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB) Committee: Jennifer MacIntyre, PM Kiz Syed, PM Chris Patel Veena Swaminathan David Wong Susan Zhou-Kelley CCT Strategy Taskforce: Harini Sundaram, PM Melanie Calzetti-Spahr Mary Cross Ivan Dremov Gabriele Loebbert Jack Keniley

And, we have an important reason for you to visit the website! We have a new job posting page for taskforce and committee work. As we are an all-volunteer organization, getting help for board members is crucial to our sustainability. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll find something you love to do. The time of year, task intensity and functional work is all described. All committees and task forces report into the board. We will update the page as new opportunities arise, so please bookmark and visit it frequently. Please be in touch with us - suggestions, comments and just a conversation to get to know you. Warmly,

Lisa and Lorri


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