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Behind the Scenes: Business School Relations

Take a peek into the Business School Relations committee.

Lisa Hillenbrand, Business School Relations Chair

In addition to our project teams, there are many operational roles that keep CCT running smoothly. We recently spoke with Lisa Hillenbrand, the Chair of Business School Relations, to shine a light on the committee and share insights on how CCT stays connected with business schools and alumni.

Can you tell us about the Business School Relations Committee?

We are the liaisons between the top business schools and CCT. Each year, school representatives work with the alumni clubs and with the school’s alumni relations to let them know about the program. Alums and their schools are often looking for ways to give back to the community and to stay in touch with each other. So CCT is a win-win situation for everyone.

What does each committee member do?

They each develop and execute a recruiting strategy for their designated school and lead volunteer recruitment efforts with alumni of their school. They also host information sessions for their school (this year virtually) and communicate to their school and alumni organizations about the impact of CCT on the community and the volunteers.

What role do business schools play in the volunteer recruitment process?

Each school is set up somewhat differently. For some, we work directly with the schools and for others we are more closely in touch with the Boston area alumni groups. Most of these groups sponsor happy hours and other club events for alumni so these are ideal forums to build awareness for CCT. And they have generously allowed us to send emails to their local alumni lists.

What do you look for in Business School Liaisons?

Liaisons have all previously volunteered for CCT so they know our organization and what it is like to be a volunteer. They tend to be great at building relationships and in the process strengthen their ties to their alma mater and make new friends.

What impact have you seen in your own alumni network through CCT?

I’m a Columbia Business School Alumna. We have been fortunate to have Lei-Choon Ong lead the Columbia group for many years. She continues to recruit an outstanding group of CCT volunteers. This is her last year, so if anyone from Columbia would like to take over, we’d love to have you.

What have you learned since joining the committee? Any surprises?

This is my first year doing this work so I’m learning all the time. We are eager to have more people on this committee so if anyone is interested in being a liaison for their school (or a co-liaison) let me know. It is a lot of fun and a great way to build your personal network and make new friends.

See a list of current Business School Liaisons here.


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