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Volunteer Profile: Alissa Snowden

Alissa is a newer volunteer, but one that's already made a strong impact on two projects. You might have seen her sharing her CCT experience at last year's volunteer infosession!

Current CCT Role: Project Manager with the Bread & Roses Housing team

Volunteer since: 2021

First CCT Project: LEAP for Education

How Did You Discover CCT? Through the Kellogg alumni network. It was mid-pandemic and I had been looking for ways to reconnect with the world and like magic, CCT appeared in my inbox!

Describe Your CCT Experience: It's like being granted this exclusive access into the world of a non-profit -- to learn about the organization, its challenges and opportunities and understand more about the community it serves. Delivering the work is very rewarding, because the impact is tangible. And to do this with an amazing group of committed and super smart people. I feel very fortunate to be involved in this organization.

What does CCT offer that all the other activities which vie for your limited free time do not?

It's a combination of things. CCT is a direct way to apply my professional experience towards the challenges of non-profits. It's an opportunity to learn about a wide range of issues facing the Boston area community. And, it's an awesome chance to get to know a group of caring, Boston-area MBAs.

What Don’t We Know About You?

I worked in magazine publishing for many years.

Interested in telling your story? Reach out to!


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