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Volunteer Profile: Debbie Healy Gilmore

In cased you missed her at last year's CCT volunteer session, hear from Debbie Healy Gilmore about her experience volunteering with CCT.

Volunteer Debbie Healy Gilmore

Current CCT Role: I'm involved in site visits and interviews with prospective organizations that have applied for projects.

Volunteer since: 2020

Education: Dartmouth '95, Tuck '04

Professional Background: I have spent most of my career in the entrepreneurial/start-up space with a couple years in brand management at Pfizer

First CCT Project: The Family Van, an organization that works to increase access to health care and improve the health of residents in Boston’s most underserved communities.

How Did You Discover CCT? I read about CCT through Tuck Alumni emails.

Describe Your CCT Experience: I've worked on 4 projects with organizations in health care, software, fine arts, and education. I was a project manager for the 2022 cycle and was partnered with a senior project manager. As a first time PM for CCT, it was really helpful to work with an experienced PM as we navigated weekly meetings with the team and the client and worked within the scope of the project. I am currently working with CCT's client development team.

What does CCT offer that all the other activities which vie for your limited free time do not?

Three things:

  1. CCT gives me the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way by leveraging a skillset I have learned and developed beginning in business school.

  2. I learn from the strong, smart members on my CCT team.

  3. I really enjoy spending time with other CCT volunteers and the client we are working with.

What Don’t We Know About You?

I'm a die hard musical theater attendee.

Interested in telling your story? Reach out to!


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