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Volunteer Profile: Harini Sundaram

In six years with CCT, Harini has volunteered in several capacities, from project team member to taskforce lead and now board member.

Current CCT Role: Board Member, Vice Chair of Volunteer Committee

Volunteer since: 2017

Education: INSEAD MBA, MIT Sloan Executive MBA

Professional Background: Clean Energy sector and Sustainability in the corporate world

First CCT Project: Haiti Projects, a nonprofit whose mission is to empower women in rural Haiti by providing jobs, access to health care, and education

How Did You Discover CCT? Through a CCT outreach event for MIT Sloan Alumni

Describe Your CCT Experience: The CCT experience has been awesome since my first project, which was consulting for Haiti Projects, a non-profit empowering women in Haiti. The project team was great and it was fulfilling to see how our consulting work impacts the client and the community. My most recent project was leading the strategic planning taskforce for CCT to help make a deeper impact for the local non-profits. Now, being on the Board gives the opportunity to drive volunteer engagement, strategy and tactics to realize the CCT mission.

What does CCT offer that all the other activities which vie for your limited free time do not?

CCT has a well-structured and well-curated model that enables working together in a diverse team for a common cause, as well as problem solving a strategic challenge for the non-profit to enable it to impact its community. This comes with the opportunity to see first hand how the time that I spend on volunteering can truly make a difference for the non-profit management and teams.

What Don’t We Know About You?

I love travelling and have been to 30+ countries. One particularly memorable trip involved climbing Mount Vesuvius.

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