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Volunteer Profile: Carolyn McGuire

Hear from Carol, one of the founding members of CCT, as she shares how CCT has grown since 1991.

CCT role: Served 14 years; previous honorary board member, Carol continues to and stay involved via special projects as well as to working with the business school relations team(s).

MBA: Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

First CCT project:

Her first project was developing a targeted communications strategy for the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston. A year later, she learned that the organization credited the work CCT had done with increasing applications by 100% in the targeted segment.

Describe your CCT experience:

Carolyn did not imagine when she responded to an intriguing opportunity that it would evolve into a labor of love. “I received a mailing from Tuck about volunteer consulting opportunities at a time when I was at home with small kids. The chance to give back to the Boston community with my business skills was very appealing, and I’ve been involved in CCT ever since.”

Early on, Carolyn saw how powerful CCT projects could be for nonprofits. Carolyn has continued to invest her time and talent, because she believes, “CCT empowers nonprofits to do what they do better and longer so that they can more fully serve their missions and constituents.”

What don’t we know about you?

Carolyn’s commitment to the community and joy in working with other like-minded business professionals shines through. She has been instrumental in developing CCT from the small team that worked with 1-2 clients per year in the early 1990s to the established organization that today is part of and serves the Greater Boston nonprofit community with a resume of over 150 pro bono consulting projects completed.


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