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Volunteer Profile: Chris Murphy

We caught up with longtime volunteer Chris Murphy after he was given the Champion for our Kids award by former client School on Wheels of Massachusetts (SOWMA) at their annual gala. Chris first came to their organization, which supports students impacted by homelessness, through a CCT project. He now serves as their Board Chair and continues to make an impact! Learn more about what he's been up to in and out of CCT.

Current CCT Role: Supporter, I took last year off as I was serving as volunteer interim CEO for SOWMA and this year am leading the effort to do a strategic plan (much like a CCT project, but with board members as the team).

Volunteer since: 2011

MBA: Actually a MS in Quantitative Analysis from Stern school at NYU

First CCT Project: I think it was Helping Hands Monkey Helpers, who trains monkeys to serve as service animals for paraplegics.

How Did You Discover CCT? I attended a happy hour after seeing mention in an alumni newsletter.

Describe Your CCT Experience: I worked on seven full projects, including as project manager on the SOWMA project and one mini project. I also did two years of site visits. I enjoyed the camaraderie of the team working on projects. It's great to learn from so many fellow CCT people as well as the client representatives.

What does CCT offer that all the other activities which vie for your limited free time do not?

CCT offers a chance to work with a diverse group of people in terms of age and experience for a common cause, while applying and honing the skills I had developed over my years in the corporate world. Made me more valuable in my profession as a consultant and as a volunteer to nonprofits like SOWMA, CCT and ELAHP.

What Don’t We Know About You?

My dream is to tour America and write a sequel to De Tocqueville’s book on what Americans think. While seeing all the ball parks and horse race tracks along the way, of course.

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