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Volunteer Profile: Valerie Godhwani

Valerie shares her experience over 11 years as a team member, project sponser, committee member.

Volunteer since: 2010

CCT Role: DEI Task Force member with Tricia Craig, Alison French and Peter Ingram. We are working to develop a road map for CCT to achieve a more equitable, diverse and inclusive community. I was also a Project Sponsor this past cycle with an amazing team (shout out to Mate, Shelly, Cindy, Kristin, Erin, Karen, Blaise, and Vincent) serving RIA, Inc., an organization that provides support services to survivors of the commercial sex trade.

MBA: Kellogg

First CCT project: Way back in another decade, I was a team member on a marketing strategy project for Friends of the Children Boston. This organization seeks out Boston's most vulnerable children and provides 1:1 mentoring from Kindergarten all the way through high school graduation, 12+ years, no matter what. You can learn more about the power of this 1:1 mentoring here.

How did you discover CCT? Kellogg Alumni Club of Boston newsletter (I think I have Alison French to thank for that!)

Describe your CCT experience:

I have volunteered in many different capacities with CCT from a project team member to behind the scenes work on committees and the board. My favorite experiences have been on project teams working directly for the client. In the 11 years since my first project, there were only two when I did not volunteer on a project team.

What does CCT offer that all the other activities which vie for your limited free time do not?

I think my reasons for volunteering with CCT are similar to many others. CCT allows me to make a meaningful impact for non-profits by utilizing my business skills. While working on these projects, I get to meet amazing CCT volunteers and committed non-profit staff, both of whom inspire me in different ways. I receive as much, if not more than I give. It's a very unique value proposition.

What don’t we know about you?

I am pretty terrified of being underwater due to some unfortunate childhood experiences, but I am currently pursuing scuba diving certification with my son. He's studying marine biology, so our trips together have been focused on all things ocean related. I've spent 12 hours in the pool so far doing scary, scuba skills, and I will repeat these in the open water over two full days later this summer. Wish me luck!

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