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Checking in on Our 2019 Clients

CCT conducts client interviews 18 months post-project.

Our Client Development team recently reconnected with our 2019 clients to understand what impact CCT had on their organizations' success a couple years post-project. Amy Casher, Sarah Schott and Trevor Henry spearheaded the effort to learn if these clients were able to implement CCT's recommendations and what impact CCT had on their oganizations.

We found the interviewees to be very positive about their experiences working with CCT, contributing to a Net Promoter Score of +71, considered "excellent" in terms of client satisfaction. While Covid-19 affected the relevance and feasibility of many of the recommendations, several clients expressed learning new ways of thinking about problems, beyond the specific project recommendations.

Highlights include:

  • William James Interface Referral Service was able to successfully raise prices on 70 partner contracts, losing only one partner renewal from the price increase.

  • Mill City Grows forged a much stronger relationship with the Lowell Public Schools, crediting their CCT project as the catalyst.

  • Plummer Youth Promise used an assessment framework developed with CCT to make the tough decision to suspend a program.

These interviews helped us gain insights into addressing common challenges, such as how to improve site visits pre-project and the importance of reinforcing CCT processes.


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