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Looking in the Rear View Mirror with Lucy's Love Bus

Massachussets non-profit Lucy's Love Bus reflects on the impact of their consulting project with Community Consulting Teams of Boston (CCT).

The Client Development team at CCT recently reconnected with 2021 clients to understand what impact their consulting projects had on their organizations' success post-project. Sarah Schott and Trevor Henry spearheaded the effort to learn if these clients were able to implement CCT's recommendations and how they turned out.

Lucy’s Love Bus delivers comfort to children coping with life-threatening illnesses

One client, Lucy's Love Bus, found success honing their focus and increasing funding - in fact exceeding their fundraising goals by 15% in 2022! Fundraising is essential to helping Lucy’s Love Bus fulfill their mission, which is delivering comfort and quality of life to children coping with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. They offer free integrative therapies such as massage, Reiki, meditation, acupuncture, music therapy, and therapeutic horseback riding.

In 2021, a CCT team conducted a SWOT analysis and peer review as foundational elements to helping Lucy's Love Bus develop a strategic plan. CCT's assessment helped them realize that after 15 years of helping sick children, they were at a pivotal point in the organization's evolution where they need to invest in a full strategic planning process. Afterwards, the board and staff at Lucy's Love Bus started figuring out a plan to address their weaknesses, including succession planning.

"Looking back at CCT's recommendations today caused me to give us a pat on the back because we implemented so many of them. The SWOT analysis and the peer comparison really helped us be prepared for a strategic planning session and as a result, we chose to deepen our impact in our region where our funders already are, rather than broad across the entire US. We are meeting or exceeding our funding goals." - Jackie Walker, Executive Director of Lucy's Love Bus

You can learn more about CCT's current consulting projects here.


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