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CCT 2023 Consulting Projects: Reports from the Field

After kicking off 10 consulting projects with Boston-area nonprofits in January, the project teams are a few months deep and hitting their stride. The CCT teams are making strong progress on developing insights and forming recommendations. Below are a few updates from the teams.

Adopting an online educational program

Boston Post-Adoption Resources

CCT is partnering with Boston Post-Adoption Resources (BPAR) to explore the possibility of extending the agency's reach through an online educational platform for professionals, adoptees and adoptee families. CCT team members have interviewed stakeholders, researched and spoken with peer organizations, and begun to assess the potential impact and cost of various options for BPAR's consideration. The team is excited to discuss their findings with BPAR in the coming weeks and ultimately to help BPAR connect more people to post-adoption resources and educate the public about the lifelong impacts of adoption.

CCT kicks off a project with Boston Post Adoption Resources.

No cap, powerful findings for CAP

Family Access Newton

Family Access of Newton (FAN) has a program, Child Assault Prevention, whose mission is to teach elementary school level kids simple strategies to handle and report abusive situations. FAN asked us to help them evaluate strategic options in the face of a rapidly changing market environment. We have conducted interviews with prior, current, and prospective client schools, analyzed the competitive landscape, and developed a financial model. The interim findings were presented at the end of March.

Making the consulting job plummer

Plummer Youth Promise

Our client is a group within Plummer Youth Promise that does consulting and training for agencies in the Child Welfare sector. We are articulating a growth strategy for them focused on redefining their positioning in the market, sharpening their service offerings, developing their business development skills, and creating a marketing plan. We have finished our interviews and data collection and are in the process of formulating our recommendations for growth.

Data isn't taking a backseat for The Family Van

The Family Van

The Family Van provides in-person health screening services to underserved communities in Boston. The same team operates the Mobile Health Map, who provides tools for US mobile health clinics. Both organizations generate a lot of data. CCT is identifying how their data can better inform strategy and decision-making. The team has conducted interviews of external stakeholders including donors and other mobile health clinics, finalized the data inventory maps for all systems, and drafted a proposed system architecture. The team is working on a recommendation on how to store, manage and access data in a way that is efficient and sustainable.

Plowing through data for Wright-Locke Farm

Wright-Locke Farm Conservancy

Wright-Locke Farm operates five departments, which have overlapping and very loyal customers. For some of their offerings, like Farm To Go, which was developed during the pandemic, the number of customers has declined since the general reopening of the economy. Our goal for the first half of the project was to better understand the current customer base, particularly with Farm to Go. We developed a customer survey, and have received well over 300 responses. We also analyzed their databases and financial reports and are overlaying that information on top of the survey results.

If you create it, will they come?

Worcester Center for Crafts

The Worcester Center for Crafts (WCC) is a storied organization with 150+ years history helping individuals develop skills and discover their inner creator. To support WCC's efforts to built a sustainable and robust future, CCT has committed to helping WCC:

  • develop a framework for creating its strategic plan,

  • identify / evaluate opportunities for increasing earned income,

  • and better understand its donor and student base to improve its ability to meet both of these groups’ needs.

CCT has conducted a facilitated session to move forward WCC’s strategic planning. Going forward, CCT will complete an extensive peer review, interview key stakeholders, work with WCC staff to understand its economics, and create a high level segmentation of WCC donors.


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